I’m connected, baby!

Live from the ICE 1517, Berlin to Munich, and I just repaired my Mac. Online.
It all started yesterday, as I had the fabulous idea to install FrontRow on my iBook/G4. According to this website, it works - as long as you do not take a look in the comments, which I didn’t, of course.
Turns out, it didn’t work, but ok, I can live without it, so it didn’t bother me. Things started to get weired today in the train as my Mac crashed and I had to start it again. At first I didn’t realize any change, but soon I discovered a lot of free space in my Menubar, which is odd, since it is simply too small for all the stuff I’d like to have there (or have to have there, since Adium, for example, has no option to turn off its Icon - or has it?). The typical steps (repair rights, reboot, add new user) didn’t work, and Console told me the SystemUIServer crashed - every two seconds. Not funny. Fortunately, GPRS still worked, and after some reading, I found a solution which didn’t involve downloading a 150 MB 10.4.5 combo update.
A few minutes later, just arriving at Lutherstadt Wittenberg, my Mac booted into a perfectly working installation. From appearing to repairing the error, it took me 111 km or 58 minutes (the ICE doesn’t get faster as 180 km/h during this part of the journey).
Modern times…

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  1. Scott Park Says:

    In regards to turning off the Adium menu item. Go to the preferences in Adium (Command and comma), then select the “General” tab. There is a checkbox at the bottom of the window for hiding and showing the status menu.

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